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HR Alert: What’s the EEOC?

We’ve heard this question a few times recently, and we thought we should share some background on this important federal agency. The EEOC stands for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Among other thing…

HR Alert: Fostering & Maintaining Good Workplace Mental Health

| Lisa Coppola |
Earlier this month, we discussed the impact that jobs can have on employees, specifically the great influence managers have on their employees. And we were asked this important question:  what can we do? There are several …

HR Alert: Expanded Federal Protections for Pregnant Employees Arrive June 27th

The federal government continues to expand employee protections for pregnant and postpartum employees. We recently talked about the federal PUMP Act. Now, employers will want to brush up on the Pregnant Workers Fairness Ac…

HR Alert: More On Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Almost every day there seems to be a new headline involving advances or issues associated with artificial intelligence (AI). With AI technologies becoming more prevalent in the workplace, there’s an increased need for the …

HR Alert: The Breastfeeding Regs Are Here

| Lisa Coppola |
Anticipating a breastfeeding employee in your workforce anytime soon? You’re in luck. The long-awaited guidance finally is here: both federal and State agencies have graced employers with guidance on accommodating nu…

HR Alert: Workplace Mental Health

Following the COVID pandemic, discussions regarding mental health have become more common. More and more people are feeling comfortable with owning their mental health and requesting that their needs be met throughout thei…

HR Alert: Weight & Height Discrimination in New York State

New York City recently passed a bill that would expand worker protections by preventing discrimination on the basis of height and weight. When Mayor Eric Adam signs this bill, which is expected sometime soon, it’ll b…

Lawyers Beware: Certifications about Artificial Intelligence

With this week’s news that a lawyer litigating in the district court for the Southern District of New York has been called on the carpet for using AI to write a brief – that contained case citations and quotati…

Bank of America’s Small Business Ownership Report

Bank of America recently released the results of an interesting survey about small businesses. While the majority of small business owners are concerned about a potential recession, the data is showing that there’s b…

HR Alert: EEOC Offers Guidance on the use of AI During the Hiring Process

As we reported earlier in May, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are continuously developing and have entered the workplace. AI is here to stay – to learn more about the basics of AI, we invite you to read our prior blog …
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