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Construction Accident

What to Do if Injured While Walking By a Construction Site

| Lisa Coppola |
Key Takeaways: You can file a lawsuit for being injured by a construction site as a pedestrian. Your suit can claim both economic and non-economic damages. New York law specifically covers passersby injuries from construct…

How Common Are Electric Shock Injuries on Construction Sites?

| Lisa Coppola |
Electric shock injuries can be severe, and in serious cases, they can affect workers for the rest of their lives. According to a National Fire Protection Association report, 77% of all fatal contract work electrocutions in…

Common Reasons For New York Roofing Accidents

Roofing is an incredibly dangerous task. According to the CDC, roofers suffer 10 times more fatal falls than all other construction occupations combined. New York is no stranger to ongoing construction projects, and if you…

Common Industrial Site Welding Dangers

| Lisa Coppola |
Did you know welders have an injury rate 100 times higher than that of the average worker? Welders also have a high risk of death, with nearly four in 1,000 welders sustaining fatal injuries. If you or a loved one have bee…

If I Fall From A Ladder At Work Can I Sue?

| Lisa Coppola |
Every year, 22,710 people are injured from falling off of ladders. If you are in New York, you may be entitled to compensation if this happens to you. Most New York construction workers who are injured from ladder falls or…
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