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Personal Injury

What to Do in New York After You Slip and Fall in a Store

| Lisa Coppola |
According to the National Safety Council, falls account for approximately one-third of all preventable injuries, with over 6.8 million people suffering an injury from a fall in 2020 alone. Sometimes these falls are beyond …

Can I Sue After Being Attacked by a Dog in New York?

| Lisa Coppola |
Dogs can be amazing friends and companions. Without care and attention, though, they can be dangerous. Dog owners are responsible for controlling their dogs around other people. The dog’s owner may be liable for dog bite i…

The Coppola Firm Welcomes David M. Goodman, Esq.

The Coppola Firm, which dates its roots back to 2015, has undergone tremendous growth in its seven years, continuing to to flourish, by putting its clients’ needs first. This week it welcomes its third partner, David M. Go…

Driving at Dawn & Dusk – Strategies for Staying Safe

| Lisa Coppola |
Whether you’re driving with the sun in your eyes or in complete darkness, driving at dawn, dusk, and night time presents unique challenges for drivers. We at The Coppola Firm feel your pain, and we’re here to help as…

Is Your Sexual Assault Case Covered By The ASA?

| Lisa Coppola | ,
Between 2019 and 2021, there were 10,800 cases filed under the Child Victims Act which was a law that re-opened the statute of limitations for children who were sexually abused, sometimes many decades ago. Now there is the…

If I Fall From A Ladder At Work Can I Sue?

Every year, 22,710 people are injured from falling off of ladders. If you are in New York, you may be entitled to compensation if this happens to you. Most workers who are injured from ladder falls are entitled to workers’…

Common Auto Accident Back Injuries

| Lisa Coppola |
Car accidents with injuries are, unfortunately, a common event in New York. Approximately 11,400 New Yorkers are rushed to the emergency room each month following a car accident. One thousand are hospitalized due to the se…

2 Things You Should Change On Your Auto Insurance Right Now!

| Lisa Coppola |
Helping people get the justice they deserve The team has decades of experience litigating complex, high-value personal injury cases. They focus on the person and their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. They reward …

No Fault for Motorcycle Insurance

| Lisa Coppola |
The Coppola Firm is here to help you through the issues, paperwork, and processes that you need to follow when you’ve been hurt in an accident. Our lawyers are available to meet with you remotely to help you protect your r…

The Benefits of Mediation

Companies need to focus on their core business. That focus gets derailed when a claim surfaces. It takes a calm, measured hand to handle the disputes and allow the business to keep focused where it needs to be. Learn more:…
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