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Personal Injury

Wrongful Death – Who Can Sue and For What?

| Lisa Coppola |
Losing a loved one is always difficult. When a loved one dies sooner than they should have and someone else is at fault, then it’s even more difficult. In New York law, this is called wrongful death. A wrongful death actio…

Torts? A Personal Injury, Not a Cake

| Lisa Coppola |
If you’re like most people, when you hear the world “torte” you think of the many varieties of wonderfully delicious cakes. In the legal field, though, “torts” are something completely different. A tort is a civil wrong, d…

Why Are There So Many Accidents in the Summertime?

| Lisa Coppola |
Living in Western New York, you may imagine that wintertime would hold the record for the most number of car accidents. You might think that ice-covered roads, excessive wind, and cars covered in snow not properly cleared …

It’s All Fun and Games – Until It’s Not

| Lisa Coppola |
There’s a risk of injury in all sports, but contact sports like football, hockey, wrestling, and boxing carry the greatest risk. Other sports like baseball, cheerleading, and equestrian events also carry a moderately-high …

Keep Calm and Ignore That Bad Driver

| Lisa Coppola |
Road Rage. If you’ve been on the highway during rush hour or been cut off attempting to merge, you probably know the feeling. Most people have experienced some form of road rage, whether personally during a morning commute…

Navigating Boat Safety

| Lisa Coppola |
New York State is a beautiful place to enjoy all forms of watercraft. With fun, though, comes danger. Our attorneys have compiled some important tips to help stay safe while enjoying your summer on the water. First, life j…

Car Accidents & Cell Phone Use

| Lisa Coppola |
Distracted drivers who use cell phones are a growing threat on the road. With the end of July, we’ve just completed National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, so our personal injury team wanted to share a perspective on usi…

Liability For Child Injuries Caused By Enticing Dangers (Pools, Heavy Machinery, Animals & More)

| Lisa Coppola |
Is there liability when a child trespasses on someone else’s property and then is injured? It depends. Our lawyers explore New York’s attractive nuisance doctrine in this post. It may be more common than you think th…

Top Four Tips To Stay Safe While Biking

| Lisa Coppola |
It’s been a beautiful summer for biking here in Western New York. With the recent pandemic-related shut-downs we’ve seen more bikes on the road than usual. This inspired our team to put together a list of 4 important safet…

Pedestrian Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

| Lisa Coppola |
Warm weather has finally arrived in Western New York! With that, more and more people are outside walking and running around. More people outside means more people sharing the road – drivers and pedestrians alike. In New Y…
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