Pedestrian Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

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Warm weather has finally arrived in Western New York! With that, more and more people are outside walking and running around. More people outside means more people sharing the road – drivers and pedestrians alike.

In New York, there are around 300 pedestrian fatalities every year. Despite more advanced safety and vehicle technology than ever, this number is rising. Whether you’re driving or walking through the Buffalo Niagara region, follow these tips to avoid injury.

For Pedestrians:
– Walk on a sidewalk whenever possible. No sidewalk? Walk on the shoulder facing traffic and stay alert!
– Don’t be distracted by your phone.
– Never assume that a driver sees you.
– Be predictable – cross as crosswalks and intersections after making eye contact with drivers.
– Wear bright and reflective clothing!

For Drivers:
– Always stop for pedestrians at crosswalks.
– Stay alert, sober, and free of distractions.
– Slow down in areas with lots of pedestrians like school zones, parks, and neighborhoods.
– Be prepared to stop before making a turn!

For everyone, remember that most pedestrian-involved accidents happen during the evening and night times. A pedestrian who is hit by a car is more susceptible to serious or fatal injuries. Keeping pedestrians safe requires everyone – drivers and pedestrians – to stay alert and safe.

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