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Beginning December 1, 2023, New York attorneys now must complete their biennial registration online. Although the registration requirement is not new, attorneys previously had the option of completing a hard copy registration form and mailing it. That’s no longer the case.

The new online requirement applies to all attorneys admitted in the State, regardless of residency, activity, or location of practice.

The biennial registration, which is due every two years within 30 days of an attorney’s birthday, helps support funds for the bar admission and legal services for the underrepresented, to name a few. The registration fee is $375.00 of which $60.00 is deposited to the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection, $50.00 to the Indigent Legal Services Fund, $25.00 to the Legal Services Assistance Fund, and the remaining $240 to the Attorney Licensing Fund.

Attorneys who certify they’ve retired from the legal practice aren’t required to pay any registration fees.

With the implementation of this new mandate, attorneys must establish an online services account, so they may log on to the online registration system. The online system can also be utilized to report CLE compliance and affirm other certifications if necessary. Visit the Office of Court Administration website for simple instructions. It’s also a great place to order a Certificate of Good Standing.

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