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Following the COVID pandemic, discussions regarding mental health have become more common. More and more people are feeling comfortable with owning their mental health and requesting that their needs be met throughout their life from home to work.

Over half of employees across the globe credit their job as the biggest influence on their mental health. Additionally, managers have a massive impact on their employees’ mental health. Remarkably, 69% of employees say their manager affects their mental health as much as their spouse does! This highlights the importance of fostering a safe and positive working environment for your employees with well-trained and empathetic managers.

81% of employees would choose good mental health over a high-paying job. This shows that merely offering generous compensation to most employees isn’t enough to attract new hires or to retain current employees. In fact, over half would take a pay cut if their new job better supported their mental health.

It’s important to remain vigilant about workplace mental health since one out of five employees say their job impacts their mental health negatively. This outcome is dramatically worse for women than men. Nearly 80% of women workers feel that stress negatively impacts their work performance. Therefore, by prioritizing workplace mental health, employers can increase productivity along with positively impacting their employees.

Interestingly, 91% of high-level executives believe that their human resources department is a good resource for mental health support. However, only 64% of workers feel the same, and only 54% actually use those resources.

The health and safety of employees is always a top priority in business. Employees work best and most efficiently when their workplace fosters and prioritizes their mental and physical health.

As a small business ourselves, The Coppola Firm knows the importance of prioritizing our employees’ mental health. If you have any questions about this topic or others, please reach out to us at 716.839.9700 or email us at with any questions.

Also keep an eye out for a future blog about fostering and maintaining good workplace mental health.


Lisa Coppola

Written by Lisa Coppola

Founder of The Coppola Firm

Lisa A. Coppola, Esq. understands the challenges her clients face, whether they’re starting a new business, taking their existing operations in a new direction, or facing a claim or threat.

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