2023 International Day of Education

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Today marks the fifth official observance of the International Day of Education. The theme for this year is “to invest in people, prioritize education.” On this day it’s important to remember the role of education in peace and prosperity across the globe. Education provides children with a way out of poverty and a path to a more promising future.

It is a sad fact that over 72 million children don’t have access to education, and millions more don’t have the opportunity to complete their education. This lack of education is a problem in developing and underdeveloped countries alike.

A child may not go to school due to an equal rights issue involving gender, health, or cultural identities. UNESCO is dedicating this year’s International Day of Education to girls and women in Afghanistan who have been deprived of their right to education. Aside from bias, many countries can’t afford to build schools, provide supplies, or pay teachers. Even in developed countries, the quality of education can vary drastically based on the district a child attends.

In New York, parents may turn to charter schools if they feel their child is receiving an inadequate education in their district of residence or if they want more of a say in their child’s education. While charter schools do not exist everywhere their presence has been growing across the world.

Generally, charter schools are not-for-profit education corporations and are committed to ensuring academic and life success for their students. Charter schools are public schools and must comply with the New York State Charter Schools Act of 1998, in addition to certain other State laws.

Charter schools must navigate complex State and federal laws emphasizing the need for a team of experts available to them. The Coppola Firm is familiar with New York State’s laws concerning charter schools and has assisted many charter schools from their creation, through charter renewal, and in connection with personnel issues, board obligations, SED communications, comptroller audits, leases, employee and student discipline, special education, and privacy.

We’re here to help because we know the profound difference charter schools are making in the lives of New York’s children. If you have a question, reach out at 716.839.9700. We’d be honored to assist.

Lisa Coppola

Written by Lisa Coppola

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