Corporate executives are under a lot of pressure. Where there is high compensation, there tend to be some outrageous demands. What’s realistic in a contract? Should you expect a non-compete? What about a non-solicit when clients/patients/customers/donors were people you brought to your organization?

In a perfect world, you want to have a lawyer experienced in all of these issues to help negotiate your contract (and, yes, you really should have a contract) before you start working. Unfortunately, we more often find executives in need of legal counsel when they are presented with a separation agreement. The first thing we look to when negotiating a separation is the original employment contract.

At The Coppola Firm, we’re experienced in negotiating employment and separation agreements for C-Suite employees, addressing the special needs that arise for high-level executives. Having prepared agreements for employees and employers both, we know to look for and how to advise you.

Don’t let the honeymoon phase of recruitment stop you from having a lawyer help in negotiations. And, if you are thinking of renegotiating or separating, call us then, too.