New York businesses, beware.

On March 23, 2021, a new law will require that all single-occupancy bathrooms in public places hang a sign designating the bathroom as gender neutral for use.  This State law mirrors a New York City law that was passed in 2016.

The law mandates that instead of a sign indicating a single-occupancy bathroom is for men or women, signs must state that the bathroom is gender neutral.

What is a public place? The law provided examples of places including “restaurants, bars, mercantile establishments [retail stores], or factories.”   If the public enters your building, it’s likely that a sign change is in order.

Do I need to create single-occupancy bathrooms? No! The requirement only applies to currently-existing single-occupancy bathrooms.

Who does this apply to? In addition to public places, the new law also includes single-occupancy bathrooms in public schools, including SUNY, CUNY, and community colleges.

If you have questions, concerns, or are unsure about whether the new law applies to your business, our team is ready to assist. Give us a call.