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HR Alert: New Posting Requirement For NYC Employers

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It’s been a busy few weeks in the world of New York employment law. The State recently released the proposed requirements for soon-to-be mandatory sexual harassment trainings and policies (more about what to expect here).  In addition, New York City employers now must comply with the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act (the “Act”) which was signed in May 2018.

As part of NYC employers’ obligations under the Act, they must post written notices of employees’ rights under the NYC Human Rights Law in the workplace. The proposed poster is available here.  All NYC employers will be required to post a compliant written notice in their workplace beginning September 6, 2018.

In addition, NYC employers also must distribute a compliant info sheet to all employees. An information sheet that the City deems compliant is available here.

You’ll notice the information sheet and poster contain similar information.  While the goal is to educate employees about their rights under the NYC Human Rights Law, the proposed poster and information sheet use strong language and can be viewed as encouraging employees to quickly bring claims versus using internal resolution mechanisms.  For example, both documents state:

Violators can be held accountable with civil penalties of up to $250,000 in the case of a willful violation.”

If you’re a NYC employer, this is a big change. You immediately should consult with an attorney to ensure compliance under the Act while also developing a strategy to effectively address harassment in the workplace before you’re exposed to potentially-expensive claims.

If you have questions about your obligations under State, federal or local law in New York, contact the experienced attorneys at The Coppola Firm, a certified WBE law firm.

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