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Car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. Motor vehicle crashes continue to be the third leading cause of injury-related emergency department visits in the country. Closer to home, every year more than 106,000 emergency visits result from car accident injuries in New York State. Approximately 7% of those visits are from people in Erie County. Of these motor vehicle crashes, 17% of victims are sent to another hospital, rehabilitation center, or long-term care facility.

If you or a loved one suffered a personal injury in an Amherst car accident, contact the car accident attorneys at The Coppola Firm. Our law office commits itself to helping car crash victims get the compensation they need to pay for their medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. With our collective years of experience, we can certainly help you. Call our car accident lawyers today at 716-839-9700 for a free consultation and to discuss your personal injury claim.

What Are Some Common Causes of Car Accidents in Amherst, New York?

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Sadly, many auto accidents that occur in Amherst, New York are preventable. The reasons why they do occur are largely other drivers who are negligent, reckless, or careless. When this occurs, it can lead to serious injury or wrongful death. The top causes of motor vehicle collisions that occur include the following.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a continuously growing problem, especially now that people are so heavily attached to and reliant upon their mobile phones. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 3,100 lives were lost in 2020 due to distracted driving.

The three main types of distractions are visual, manual, and cognitive. Behaviors attributed to these collisions include but are not limited to texting, talking on the phone, navigating on GPS, looking for music to play, putting on makeup, smoking, eating, and drinking. Even daydreaming and drowsiness fall under the umbrella of distracted driving.


Despite New York laws setting speed limits on roadways, many drivers choose to drive at excessive rates of speed and create tragic collisions either by losing control of their vehicle or carelessly crashing into another vehicle. Any driver disobeying speed limits is being reckless and should be held accountable.

Under the Influence

Drivers who commit drunk driving or indulge in drug consumption (even legal drugs and prescriptions in some cases) and get behind the wheel are negligent as they are not clear-headed enough to drive. Every year, hundreds of Western New York State accidents are due to people driving under the influence.


Adverse road conditions in the Buffalo regional area are a fact of life in this region of New York. It is common for motorists to encounter rain, snow, ice, sleet, fog, and high winds when navigating their way. Slick roads and lack of visibility can lead to a collision.

Road Conditions

Specific road conditions like construction, potholes, improper signage, debris, uneven surfaces, and sinkholes can lead to driver confusion, mistakes, or loss of control of a vehicle. Many of these dangerous conditions are preventable through proper road maintenance and responsible construction practices.

Young Drivers

Young drivers, while often eager to pursue adulthood, may lack the maturity to operate a car responsibly. Others do not possess the experience necessary to avoid car crashes.

Even if you think you were at fault for your Amherst car accident or one that occurred in the areas surrounding Amherst, New York, you should speak to a New York personal injury attorney as soon as possible. In many instances, circumstances may not be what they seem. The other driver may have committed a crime, traffic violation, or other infraction that led to the cause of the accident.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Amherst, New York?

The aftermath of a car crash can be scary, and it is easy to panic in the moment. You should take the following steps after being in a crash.

1. Get Medical Care

The first priority is to make sure you, your passengers, and anyone else at the crash scene receive medical attention for any injuries. Not all injuries are easily visible after the time of impact, so see a doctor as soon as possible. If any injuries look severe, call 911 right away.

2. Get to Safety

If possible and safe, move your car off to the side of the road. If you cannot move your car, walk to the side of the road, sidewalk, or an adjacent parking lot to be safe while waiting for help.

3. Call Police

In the event of an accident, call the police. They will write a police report outlining the details of the crash. This will prove important later on, so do not skip this step. Police reports contain invaluable information regarding fault and circumstances around the collision.

4. Exchange Information with the At-Fault Driver

If you do not need immediate medical attention, New York State Law requires individuals involved in accidents to stay at the crash scene and exchange information with the other driver. Drivers should exchange their name, phone number, and address, along with their driver’s license and insurance policy information.

Other information you should jot down includes the make and model of the vehicle and license plate. Take photos of the scene, if possible, including photos of important documents like the other driver’s license and insurance card. Avoid saying any more than what is required, as the at-fault driver’s insurance company will try to use anything you say against you.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company will need to create a file for your accident claim. However, before providing any further details, speak to an experienced Amherst car accident attorney. Unfortunately, adjusters do not always act in your best interest.

6. Call a Car Accident Lawyer

Aside from being an intermediary between you and insurance companies, your attorney can make sure you meet important deadlines, help you fill out required forms, perform an investigation, gather evidence, identify and speak to eyewitnesses, and negotiate fair settlements.

What Types of Compensation Can You Receive After a Car Accident in Amherst, New York?

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In New York, car accident victims can pursue two different types of compensation to help cover their injuries and other losses.

Economic Damages

Economic damages you can pursue include money to help pay for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, loss of future earnings, and any other direct losses you suffer that are calculable.

Non-Economic Damages

In New York, you can only pursue non-economic damages if you suffer what the state defines as a “serious injury.” Serious injury has a specific definition under New York law, and an experienced attorney should analyze whether you could meet this threshold. Serious injuries could include loss of a body organ or body system, disfigurement, loss of a pregnancy, a permanent or significant limitation of use of a body part, or being unable to perform your functions of daily life for a specified period of time. Speak to your attorney to see what qualifies in your specific situation.

What Kinds of Car Accidents Does The Coppola Firm Handle?

The Coppola firm brings decades of personal injury experience to its clients. Our law firm represents clients who suffer from all types of car accidents.

Rear-End Collisions

Read-end collisions are when one vehicle smashes into the one in front of them, often leading to whiplash and other serious injuries.

T-Bone Accidents

When the front end of a vehicle crashes into the side of another (creating a “T” shape), this can be devastating and cause injuries or worse.

Rollover Accidents

When a car rolls on its side or roof, the people inside could suffer severe injury or death.

Sideswipe Accidents

Sideswipe accidents occur when two motor vehicles make contact when driving in the same direction. This can lead to injury, especially when surprise and loss of control of a vehicle lead to a bigger accident.


Multi-vehicle accidents can present challenges when determining fault. A skilled attorney can help sort this out for you.

Hit and Run

Hit-and-run accidents are against New York State law. Additionally, if a driver hits someone else and takes off, the injured person may not receive timely medical care.

Head-On Collisions

As one of the worst types of collisions, victims often suffer massive injuries due to the force of the crash. Even slow head-on collisions can suffer serious bodily or brain injury.

Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Our personal injury lawyers also have experience with handling accidents involving pedestrians, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Settlement for a Car Accident in Amherst, New York?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to quote an exact timeframe for receiving a settlement from your Amherst car accident. Some cases resolve quickly, but often it can take years to settle a car accident case, but your best bet for getting a full and fair settlement requires negotiation with your insurance company. Having a knowledgeable New York car accident lawyer by your side can make a significant difference in the settlement offer you receive.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Amherst Car Accident Lawyer?

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While some people may choose not to get a lawyer for a car accident claim, it is not advisable since many legal issues can emerge that can be difficult to navigate. Having an experienced personal injury attorney at your side significantly betters your chances of negotiating a fair compensation award from the insurance company.

Attorneys have deep knowledge of New York State accident law and lengthy experience speaking with insurance companies. If your case cannot be settled, your attorneys are well-equipped to take your personal injury case to court.

We’ll Be Your Greatest Advocates in Your Time of Need

Have you or a loved one suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident? The Amherst car accident attorneys at The Coppola Firm include a tenacious women-led legal team who bring our clients decades of experience in a variety of personal injury practice areas. We have been recognized by Super Lawyers,, and Martindale-Hubbell for our diligent work in the legal profession. We pride ourselves on providing sound legal advice to our clients and aiding in getting them a full and fair settlement. To set up your free consultation, call us today at 716-839-9700 or fill out our convenient contact form.

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