The Coppola Firm has recently heard multiple reports of victims injured in car accidents who unknowingly signed away their rights.
What Is A General Release?  Immediately after an insurance company finds out that you’ve been injured in an accident, they’ll try to get you to sign a general release. A general release is a contract by which you agree not to sue the insurance company or the person who injured you in exchange for money. When an insurance company knows that you aren’t represented by an attorney, they’ll have an insurance claims adjuster try everything they can to get you to sign a general release in exchange for a tiny amount of money.
Why Shouldn’t I Sign the General Release?  If you’re not represented by an attorney who is knowledgeable about insurance and the law, you generally won’t know how much your case could be worth. The insurance companies take advantage of this by offering you a small amount of money (sometimes a few hundred or thousand dollars) in exchange for your agreement not to pursue your claim.
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