Halloween Safety – Tips and Tricks (but only good tricks, we promise)

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While Halloween may look a little different this year due to COVID-19, anyone with little ones, or excited adults for that matter, knows that Halloween still is on. Every Halloween, you need to make sure you’re safe, but this year has some added safety precautions due to COVID-19.

Staying in or heading out, we have some tips and tricks to help you get or give out your treats. For those giving out candy, think about ways to hand out candy while maintaining a six-foot distance. You could make individual goodie bags with wrapped candy inside, have the whole family make spooky signs that encourage trick-or-treaters to stay six feet apart, or brainstorm ideas with your neighbors. Everyone could agree to decorate tables at the end of driveways so kids can grab candy for themselves! Last, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer nearby for trick-or-treaters to use. The New York Health Department has some other suggestions, too.

For those heading out, make a care pack filled with hand sanitizer, wipes, and extra face masks. Remember to use your sanitizer after each house and help your little ones to stay clean through the night. Speaking of masks, a costume mask isn’t a substitute for a face mask. Even though there will be groups of trick-or-treaters out, keep a six-foot distance from others. If another group is at a door, wait until they’re finished before going up. Finally, be sure to follow your latest local health and safety guidelines.

While all of these safety precautions may be new this year, don’t forget to follow other safety guidelines that aren’t COVID-related.

A truly scary statistic: children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than any other day of the year.

If you’re out with little ones, keep these tips in mind:

  • A responsible adult should accompany young children while trick-or-treating
  • If your children are older and going out alone, plan and review a safe route with them
  • Agree on a specific time that kids should return home
  • Remind your children to travel in well-lit, familiar areas and to stay with their friends
  • Tell your children not to eat any candy until they’re home (to make sure there’s no tricks, instead)
  • Have your children wear something reflective on top of their costume. A reflective badge is better than nothing reflective at all
  • Remind your kids to put their phones and other electronics down, keep their heads up, and walk – don’t run – across the street

If you’re out driving on Halloween night, keep in mind that there will be lots of children around that night. Keep an eye out for children on the road, sidewalks, curbs, and medians. Watch out for children in dark clothing once the sun goes down. Finally, discourage new, inexperienced drivers from driving on Halloween.

Here at The Coppola Firm, we wish you and your family a happy and safe Halloween!

Lisa Coppola

Written by Lisa Coppola

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