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Ensuring Voting Rights in New York State

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Last week, Governor Cuomo signed into law three measures intended to ensure that all voters have the opportunity to cast their ballot. Calling it “sweeping reform,” his office touted the measures as great progress, including permitting absentee ballots due to COVID-19 or other illness-related concerns.

On August 24th, the Governor issued an Executive Order, this time mandating that local boards of elections take steps to inform the public and facilitate their ability to vote. Among other measures, he now requires county boards of elections to:

  • Send a mailing announcing voting-related deadlines no later than Tuesday, September 8;
  • Use a uniform and clear envelope for all absentee ballots; and
  • Ensure the board can count all votes, including reconciling affidavit and absentee ballots, within 2 days after the election.

While we all can be sure that this year’s general election will be notable, the State of New York is taking steps to ensure those who’re entitled to vote have a meaningful opportunity to do so.

Employers: don’t forget Election Law 3-110 which requires you to conspicuously post a notice 10 days before Election Day informing employees about their right to time off to vote. The notice must remain up until the close of Election Day. A handy notice can be found here.

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