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New York is a great place to drive all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). The beautiful mountainous forests and lush fields will make any ATV enthusiast a happy rider. Unfortunately, however, New York is in the top 10 for states with the most reported ATV-related deaths.

There are a few things that every rider should do to ride safely.

1. Wear the Proper Gear: Wear the proper safety gear. A helmet always should be worn, whether riding or driving. There are no seatbelts on an ATV. You’ll want to be protected as much as possible if you flip, are thrown off, or collide.
2. One Rider Only: Most ATVs actually are equipped for only one person. While another person may fit, the balance and control of one-person ATVs are designed for a single rider.
3. Ride Sober: Like in a car, you shouldn’t ride while impaired with drugs or alcohol.
4. Know Your Skill Level: One of the top reasons why riders get hurt is that they try to perform tricks or ride on trails beyond their experience. Don’t ride beyond your ability.
5. Stay on Trails: ATVs are designed for trails and off-road. While you may have to sometimes cross a road, you should stay on trails as much as possible.

New York has specific rules about riding ATVs that help with riding safely. First, you can’t operate your ATV anywhere in New York except your own property unless you have liability insurance.

Second, there are extra rules for children under the age of 16. Children aged 10 to 15 can drive an ATV on land not owned or leased by their parents but only if they have adult supervision or if they’ve completed an ATV safety course. If they’re on their own land, no adult supervision is needed. Children under 10 can drive an ATV if they have adult supervision or without adult supervision if they’re on their parent’s land.

ATV injuries often are serious, if not fatal. Protect yourself now and ride for years to come. If you or someone you love has been injured in an ATV accident, our experienced attorneys at The Coppola Firm can help.

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